Why You Shouldn’t Towel-Dry Your Hair

Towel drying your hair after a shower can feel incredible. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re not cautious, you can seriously harm your hair and cause debilitated strands to shred or break. 

As much as it is essential to keep your hair clean, it is similarly imperative to realize how to dry your drenching strands. Whenever you’ve given your hair legitimate consideration in the shower, it merits looking at certain strategies to towel drying your hair effectively. 

In this article, we have a tendency to take a goose at straightforward approaches to towel dry your hair the right method, thus you’ll say the word of farewell to unwelcomed kink, parts, and breakage. Peruse on to discover how to best towel dry your hair for an easily wonderful look. 

What Is Towel Drying? 

At the point when you towel-dry your hair, you utilize a towel or other permeable material like a delicate shirt to absorb dampness from your hair. This little advance helps trim the time it takes to air-dry your hair. 

Is Towel Drying Your Hair Good Or Bad? 

There is a good and bad approach to towel-dry your hair. 

At the point when your hair is wet, it is at its most delicate state. Now, scouring it enthusiastically with a towel can cause long haul hair harm and cause your hair to drop out. Exorbitant scouring with a towel can likewise prompt significant frizz. 

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are delicate, utilize the correct sort of towel, and take a couple of basic safeguards, your hair will thank you later. 

Towel drying can be useful in the event that you realize how to do it right. All you require is a delicate microfiber hair towel. Keep in mind, standard towels are unpleasant and course and will in general knot hair seriously. 

When you wrap up washing your hair, tenderly crush out overabundance water, beginning from the scalp and moving towards the closures. Your hair will even now be clammy, yet it shouldn’t dribble wet. Next, assemble a part of your hair and tenderly blotch it with a towel. 

The stunt is never to rub your hair, rather delicately crush it. 

When you wrap up drying all segments of your hair, you can rehash the cycle again. This is anything but a required advance, yet on the off chance that you have long hair or in the event that you feel your hair is as yet not dry enough, you might need to rehash this progression. 

In the event that you have thick, long, wavy hair that clutches the water for quite a while, you can attempt the ‘wrapping your hair’ procedure to dry your hair. This method requires a bigger towel than blotching – it must be delicate and large enough to wrap your hair. 

At the point when you wrap up washing your hair, delicately press out overabundance water. Next, twist around and flip your hair forward, so it hangs straight down. Spot a towel over your hair, so the lower part of the hair and the towel are in line. Bend the towel by beginning as near your temple as could be expected under the circumstances. Flip the finish of the curve on top of your head. 

You can leave your hair in the wrap for around 20 minutes. 

Additionally, guarantee that all your hair is hanging a similar way before you wrap. Be mindful so as not to bend the towel hard. Doing so can pressure and pull your hair prompting breakage. 


Try not to rub or wind your hair excessively hard, as this can make hopeless harm your hair. Gap your hair into little areas and crush delicately. 

Advantages Of Towel Drying Hair 

At the point when done right, there are endless advantages of towel drying your hair. The absolute most critical ones incorporate the accompanying: 

1. At the point when you utilize a blow dryer, your hair is presented to warm. Unreasonable warmth can turn your hair crimped and harm it. Towel drying spares your hair from getting presented to extraordinary warmth. 

2. At the point when you utilize a towel, you don’t have to apply any item to dry your hair securely. Styling items and warmth protectants frequently amass and develop on your scalp prompting other hair and scalp issues. This doesn’t occur when you utilize a towel for drying hair. 

3. There is practically no grating when you dry your hair with a towel (obviously, you shouldn’t rub your hair with the towel). The less grinding, the better it is for the strength of your hair. 

What Towel Is Best For Drying Hair? 

A microfiber towel is the most ideal alternative out there for drying your hair. Microfibers are a hundred times better than human hair so they can get together numerous fine filaments, giving an enormous surface region to the towel to retain dampness. 

The main advantage of utilizing a microfiber towel is the absence of erosion caused. Since there is no compelling reason to rub the hair to ingest water, there is less strain and grinding delivered on your hair. 

Microfiber towels additionally last more, offering better benefits for cash. You will see no hint of fiber or build-up left on your hair, not at all like cotton towels, when you dry your hair with a microfiber towel. 

These towels assimilate in a way that is better than cotton towels so you can accelerate the hair drying cycle and spare a great deal of time. 

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