Tips to attract a girl you like

How to attract a girl you like? How to seduce a woman I’m attracted to? These wishes are quite legitimate. Indeed, who has not wished to be able to attract a girl he likes more easily to himself? No matter where you met her, the problem is that you didn’t dare to go and talk to her. The fear of the first step, of approaching a stranger or simply of approaching in the street. You don’t know how to approach or attract the attention of this stranger. And then what to say to her, which techniques of seduction to use to manage to seduce or charm this girl? You are stuck! Let’s examine this problem. However, before seeing how to approach a woman and seduce a person you like, we will quickly talk about what women like.

How to attract a girl you like?

This knowledge will help you to know how to attract a girl. So, it will calm your anxiety. Indeed, attracted by a woman you meet at work or in any other place you frequent regularly or even on a dating site you are tormented by these questions: How to approach a girl more easily or how to attract her to you? In other words, how to be successful with women?

For this, you need to know the codes of seduction. Because this game of seduction follows precise rules. Then your potential of seduction will come into play to apply the techniques of flirting or find arguments to seduce. Let’s see what women like. Know that women prefer a man, a real one as they say, to a boring teddy bear or to a too nice doggy who will submit to all their desires.

That’s why they are attracted to bad boys. So, to please women, you must avoid showing your weaknesses or appearing too romantic. Mind you, I’m not saying that to be attractive, you have to play Rambo or look like a thug. But, you must, simply, seem sure of you thus, reassuring.

Also, women like a challenge. So avoid showing your interest too quickly and especially avoid admitting on the first date that you are in love.

What women like in a man


3 qualities that a woman appreciates in a man.


Your personality as well as your behavior must reveal a certain assurance. Your gestures and then your words should show your confidence when you start talking to girls. This casualness and ease will help you to conquer the confidence of your future girlfriend.

Charisma to attract a girl you like

A woman wants to be proud of her man. That’s why you need to exude a certain charisma to hope to attract girls. Indeed, the power of seduction of the charismatic is important so much it knows how to captivate its audience and to attract its attention. Thus, he arouses curiosity, admiration and especially envy.

Do not forget that the spirit of competition reigns between girls. So, she should not be ashamed to present you but on the contrary take satisfaction and pride from it.


The seducers who make them fall in love are not necessarily rich. Besides, it is not the money that really attracts or will please young girls. What will seduce them more is the ambition, the determination of this man. In other words, it is the passion that this man puts in his projects that transports this girl.

Thus, she will feel a certain attraction for an ambitious and audacious man. Because he gives off such a force of seduction and conviction that she cannot but succumb.
Other criteria to take into account to attract a girl you like

Your value on the seduction market

To attract women, you must personify a high value or at least, you will have to embody a sufficient value so that this woman is at least interested in you.

Otherwise, you will not be able to seduce the woman you like. I take my example: I would have put in practice all my art of seduction, to court or try to seduce Penelope Cruz, I can tell you that my chances are reduced to a skin of sorrow.

This is the proof that the value you are going to embody in the eyes of this woman is going to be determining to optimize your capacity to seduce.

Your evaluation to attract a girl you like

If you want to seduce a girl, you will have to put together these different aspects. Indeed, when you are going to approach girls or start to discuss with a girl, they will immediately evaluate you. You will be judged on your confidence level, on your presence, on the fluidity of the interaction, not on your flirting phrase. Far from pleasing, the use of these pickup lines taken from the Internet shows your lack of originality and individuality.

However, before explaining how to attract the person you like, you should consider the following two things. Since this girl doesn’t know you, you have to make a step towards her. It will be more complicated to seduce her especially when you start flirting on Facebook, Instagram or social networks.

On the other hand, seduction in love consists of showing interest and spotting signs of disinterest. This knowledge allows you not to waste time with a girl who is not interested.

Daring to approach a girl you like

It is true that you often lack the courage to approach someone. How can I find the courage to approach a girl I like? Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the pressure! Change your mindset and don’t be afraid to talk to a girl even if you are shy. Stop torturing your mind and wondering how to approach a girl. Be natural and go for it!

We will see below that with practice you will erase this fear that paralyzes you and prevents you from quickly approaching this attractive girl. Enjoy, therefore, this interaction by asking yourself as few questions as possible in order to succeed in picking up a woman. To this end, it is enough to get used to leave your comfort zone and to know how to approach with lightness. Then, it will be necessary to bring her to be interested in you.

That’s why it is advisable to show her that you know how to approach a discussion, make a woman laugh in order to conquer her.

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