The right habit to have a smile all year round

We are almost at the end of the year, so much awaited by all those who hope to leave 2021 behind them and start 2022 in a more positive dynamic, for a new beginning, and it is surely the best time to make good resolutions. Changing your habits and adopting more beneficial actions is always a good idea to improve your daily comfort. And since there’s no point in making a dozen good resolutions that you’ll give up on January 2, why not decide to make just one good habit that will keep you smiling all year long?



It may seem almost too easy, but it’s much more strategic: adopting one new habit, such as using a dental scaler every day, is not difficult and will require little effort to integrate into your daily routine, but will allow you to enjoy much more lasting benefits.

As you probably know, the very act of smiling activates the release of endorphins by the body, which then generates powerful waves of well-being and promotes deep and lasting relaxation. Thanks to these endorphins, we feel happier, more satisfied and more serene, without changing anything else in our lives! Proof that smiling every day is essential to a fulfilling life.



It is therefore important to seize every opportunity to smile, to take full advantage of the good times, to surround yourself with positive people with whom you feel good, but also to maintain your smile so that you never hold back from expressing your joy for fear or shame of showing your teeth. An excellent oral hygiene is indeed essential to avoid small worries (cavities, gingivitis, etc.), to keep smiling every day, to share your joy more easily with the people around you and generally to boost your self-confidence. We almost always think of brushing our teeth at least twice a day (and after each meal, it’s even better), but we don’t always have the reflex to use a dental scaler, whereas this smart and practical little device allows us to obtain really whiter teeth by removing food residues and dental plaque that can reside between teeth after brushing thanks to ultrasound vibrations.

It may sound simple, but it can really change everything: getting into the habit of taking better care of your teeth and your smile through proper, regular brushing and the use of a dental scaler will allow you to regain or keep beautiful teeth which will encourage you to gain confidence, smile at every opportunity you have and express your emotions more easily for more pleasant, spontaneous and gentle relationships with all those around you

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