The 10 mistakes we make with our mascara (And their solutions)

We’ve all been in trouble at least once when applying our mascara, right? Here are the 10 most common mistakes and their solutions!

Applying mascara is part of the basics of daily beauty. We are often in a hurry to apply it and we want a perfect “star lashes” result.
The solution? Adopt a diligent and efficient application technique. Otherwise, we face the most common mistakes and lose patience with our beloved mascara tube! The 10 most common blunders:

1. The back and forth of the brush in the tube

If the brush comes out of the tube without product on it, it’s time to buy a new mascara. As a last resort, you can add a few drops of castor oil to recover mascara that has become too dry.

Note: The back-and-forth movement of the brush in the tube draws in air, so this can speed up the drying out of the formula.

2. Apply a coat of mascara over an already dry mascara coat

It’s late afternoon and we want to freshen up our makeup, so we add a coat of mascara to the one we already have. Clumpy effect guaranteed! The lashes will even clump, stick and ruin the beautiful definition you had managed to get in the morning.

The trick? Opt for a specific formula for touch-ups like Givenchy’s top coat: an ink to intensify and give volume throughout the day. You can also draw a line of kohl pencil at the root of the lashes, then blend it along the length of the lashes to give a more vivid effect.

3. Forget about lashes

The lower and upper corners of the eyes also have small lashes. Sometimes we tend to forget them when applying mascara quickly. Covering each lash with mascara will create a beautiful fan-like definition, even if it means using the tip of the brush to reach them!

Tip: Before applying mascara under the lashes, apply a first coat starting from the root, but on top of the lashes. You’ll see a fuller effect.

4. Stick to one mascara

Unfortunately, all-in-one mascaras don’t always do the job you want. Get two mascaras: a first coat with a lengthening and defining mascara, then a second coat with a volumizing mascara. You’ll see the difference, I promise!

5. Go all the way to the eyelid: it’s everywhere!

Not only do we have mascara on our lashes, but on our eyelids too. Don’t be discouraged, as long as you remain patient, the makeup is not ruined. It is not necessary to try to wipe on the blow.

While keeping your calm, wait 3 minutes so that the small burr on the skin is dry. Take a cotton swab or an eyebrow brush, then remove the mascara where it is unwanted. Once dried, the mascara will not stay on the skin… We love it!

6. The eyelash curler as a last step

This tool can give amazing results if used before applying mascara on a regular basis. Conversely, using a lash curler after mascara application can harm your lashes and cause them to fall out and weigh them down.

Solution: If your lashes are falling out because of heavy mascara, switch to a lighter mascara formula. You can also use your fingertip and push your lashes up after applying mascara.

7. Underestimating eye contour foundations

Do you ever feel like a raccoon in the afternoon? The skin produces sebum (the skin’s natural oil) that can cause some mascaras to run after a few hours.

The formula in waterproof mascaras can harm natural lashes if used regularly. Take the time to apply an eye primer or mattifying concealer around the eye. No more smudging!

8. Use old mascara

You’ve made a find in your drawers and you’re happy to have found a mascara that you bought several years ago? Wrong! A mascara has a lifespan of 3 months. Otherwise, beware of conjunctivitis!

We can also rely on its smell: as soon as it smells bad, direction trash can!

9. Go waterproof every day

It is not recommended to use waterproof mascara on a daily basis. Its composition can irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and dry out, thus accelerating the fall of the lashes. In addition, since it is difficult to remove, the eye contour is sometimes attacked and sensitivity develops in this area.

Tip: Use waterproof mascara occasionally, like when going to the beach or listening to The Pages of Our Love!

10. Lengthen your lashes when applying

If you go long on your lashes during application, you risk creating clumps and the finish will be rather plain. Instead, think about using a little zigzag motion with the brush at the root of your lashes to get them into the brush bristles. Then, lift by curling to the tip. WOW effect!

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