11 Signs that a girl is not interested in you

You have fallen under the spell of this girl that you find so special.You immediately embarked on a relentless pursuit, which has now lasted for several weeks, and you wonder if your crush is mutual?

To get an idea, here are 11 signs that a girl is not interested in you. So take a good look at her behavior when you’re together by keeping the list below in mind.

1-She seems elsewhere when you talk to her

You’ve been talking to her for 15 minutes, eyes shining, looking for the slightest sign of attention from her. But the beautiful one, with a vague look, is visibly elsewhere. Difficult to know if she thinks of organizing her next weekend, of her outfit of the following day or of what she is going to eat this evening, but one thing is sure: she hardly listens to you.

You try your best to get the conversation going again, but it’s not working. If this is the first time this has happened, don’t panic. We all get distracted at times. She may simply be tired or have a personal problem that is monopolizing her attention. But if it happens too often, it’s more than likely a sign that this girl is not interested in you.
2- She avoids physical contact

She always makes sure to keep a good distance from you, greets you without kissing you and immediately moves away when you brush up against her in a hallway? This reluctance to touch is one of the signs that she probably doesn’t share your passion. Of course, nobody likes repeated and insistent physical contact (behaving like this is not a good way to seduce). But systematically avoiding them, even when they are harmless, is a proof of disinterest. To confirm this hypothesis, observe the way she reacts to contact with others.
3- She never agrees with you

Whatever the subject of the discussion, she systematically opposes your point of view. If she arrives in the middle of a debate where you are defending your ideas, she systematically sides with your opponent, even if it means showing bad faith. In her eyes, you don’t understand anything, you are always off the mark and her point of view is necessarily more enlightened than yours. This systematic spirit of contradiction is, in general, the proof that your chances of being compatible are slim in her eyes.
4-She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

It’s normal that she doesn’t always find you funny, but if she doesn’t laugh at every joke you tell her, it’s a bad sign. Try to find out what kind of humor she likes and prepare a few jokes in that style, to insert them naturally into the conversation. If the lady still doesn’t open up, there’s a good chance she’s not interested in you, especially if she laughs heartily at other people’s jokes.
5-She doesn’t want to know you

Ever since you met her, you’ve been trying to find out as much as possible about her, from the kind of music she listens to, to her favorite color, to the list of her hobbies, to the food she likes.

You are sincerely trying to know her tastes by taking an interest in her. If the girl, on the other hand, has never bothered to ask you any of these things, or offers you M&Ms, even though you told her about your peanut allergy the day before, you are probably dealing with a girl who is insensitive to your charm.

6- She gives you evasive answers

Each of your messages and e-mails, which are several dozen lines long, is simply gratified by an “ok cool”, “yes maybe, I don’t know” and other terse formulas. Sometimes the answer even arrives several days late. This unpleasant situation can mean one of two things: either she thinks you’re too talkative or she’s not interested in you at all.

Try to shorten your prose and write less often. If she doesn’t talk more, you’ll just have to make up your mind. A girl who reacts like this is clearly letting you know that she doesn’t enjoy your conversation, so you might as well give it to someone who will.
7- She avoids opportunities to be alone with you

You are having a good time with a group of friends in which the girl of your dreams is. It’s a perfect opportunity to try a one-on-one at the end of the evening, when the guests leave one by one and the atmosphere becomes more intimate. Alas, when she realizes that you will soon find yourselves together, the beautiful girl slips away, faster than lightning. As you think about it, you realize that she does the same thing whenever an opportunity to be alone with you arises. Unless she is painfully shy, there is little chance that this girl is interested in you.
8-She always turns down your invitations

Whether you ask her to go to a movie, a restaurant, a concert or for a walk, the answer is always the same: she doesn’t have time. No matter how much you try to find THE exit that will finally make her want to accept, any excuse is good enough to avoid it.

She’s tired, has work, an obligation or a family reunion. If she systematically declines your invitations, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to spend time with you. Don’t be too insistent in your proposals, because, if this girl is not interested in you, multiplying the attempts risks to push her away permanently.
9- She flirts with others

If you see her flirting with one or more other people and not with you, the chances that this girl has a crush on you are very small. Even more so if she does it in your presence. If this situation can be hurtful to you, it is important to take a step back. Above all, don’t start arguments with those who have her favor, it will only bring her closer to you.
10-She asks you for love advice

She asks you if she can talk to you in private. With your heart beating and full of hope, you hasten to take her to a quiet place, hanging on her every word, and then it’s drama. The girl starts talking about her exes or her next conquest to ask you for advice, because she needs an outside point of view. It’s obvious that a girl who asks you how to get her ex back or how to get her heart back, she won’t end up in your arms.
11-She tells you she thinks of you as a brother

You’ve managed to get close to the girl you’re falling for, or you’ve known her for a long time. You are often together, accomplices, you make her laugh and she feels good at your side. You tell yourself that you have all the chances and you get ready to declare your love for her.

To make sure everything is perfect, you have planned a dream evening: a movie, with that film she’s been talking about since it came out, followed by a meal for two. You’ve even cooked for the occasion. Everything is going perfectly, until she turns to you and says the fateful sentence: “What I like about you is that there is no ambiguity, you are not like the others.

You’re like a big/ little brother to me.” It’s unlikely that a girl who thinks of you that way would want any other kind of relationship with you. But, if she’s not interested in you, at least you have a valuable friendship.

Have you spotted one or more of these signs in the girl in your thoughts? It’s quite possible that your interest is not reciprocated. However, don’t forget that the best way to find out for sure is to take your courage in both hands and ask her directly. If she confirms your fears, don’t be insistent or unpleasant. Get your head around it and put things in perspective, you’re bound to meet a girl who’s a good fit!


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