A successful make-up undoubtedly passes by the development of the glance, which thus requires to know how to make up and especially to take care of the various parts which are taken into account in the embellishment of its face, in particular the lashes. Indeed, having well-groomed eyelashes allows to bring a little more intensity and depth to the eyes, and especially to sublimate it.

However, many women tend not to give importance to their eyelashes, and even if some would think about it, they usually do it very badly. So I decided to give you a couple of tips on how to care for your lashes, which, more than you might think, are an essential asset in terms of feminine beauty.

The best way to take good care of your eyelashes is to adopt a number of good eyelash care habits to keep them in good condition every day.

Whether it is for make-up or for removing make-up from your lashes, it is important to do it with the utmost delicacy, while also giving great importance to the different products used each time. For make-up for example, I advise you to choose soft and natural products, while taking care to avoid as much as possible heavy and aggressive products such as waterproof mascaras which can have a degrading effect on your lashes. For make-up removal, I repeat my advice on the choice of products, adding that you will have to proceed with light gestures, going from the base to the tips. Use a cotton swab if necessary, and if you know the expression “caress in the direction of the hair”, it would be the ideal moment to apply it on your lashes.

Have you noticed how much care and time you spend on your hair? Well, I can tell you that your lashes deserve a little of the same attention. That’s because lashes have the same characteristics as hair, and because hair can suffer wear and tear if left without proper care. It is therefore advisable to give them regular care, with products such as a revitalizing eyelash serum, or simply castor oil (palma-christi) which is a natural and very nourishing product that will give them back their tone.

If you are used to using waterproof mascaras, you should avoid rubbing your eyes too often. In case you can’t resist the urge to do so, I recommend that you do it very gently. Simply because this type of mascara tends to harden the lashes, which therefore includes possible risks of breakage.
Above all, avoid applying makeup to your lashes before using the eyelash curler. Instead, do the opposite. Also make sure you use the eyelash curler properly to avoid burning your lashes.
Avoid an unhealthy lifestyle, especially from a nutritional point of view. Both hair and eyelashes need a number of vitamins (D and B) to be healthy, so make sure you eat as healthy as possible.
You have surely understood it, taking care of your lashes requires the right cosmetics, but also and above all, regular maintenance. It is also important to understand and apply the do’s and don’ts, while adopting a healthy diet.

Here are the makeup artist’s tips that I can give you on how to take care of your lashes. I hope you’ve read every last one of them and that they will serve you well, so I’ll give you an appointment for more tips as soon as possible.

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