How to manage shiny skin?

Despite its major role in maintaining healthy skin, sebum can sometimes be a bit much. And lead to certain disorders, benign but unsightly. Like a shiny skin. Far from being the most beautiful effect.

When it comes to skin, unfortunately, not all women are equal. Weakened more and more from the menopause onwards, it can also be a source of worries, which damage the self-image. Like shiny skin, which is more common in oily skin. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the effects of shiny skin.

Causes of shiny skin

The most common trigger is none other than the type of skin. Oily skin means an excess of sebum, which causes shiny skin on the face. Sometimes accompanied by imperfections (blackheads or acne) caused by clogged pores. But sebum is not the only cause. Other external factors also play a role in the process. Too much alcohol or spices. But also an excess of stress, pollution, a lack of sleep, and this hormonal imbalance, so frequent at the menopause.

What solutions can be found?

The good news is that shiny skin can be treated. There are several steps to follow:

  • Proceed to a good cleaning of the skin. Carried out morning and evening. With a make-up removal applied with soft products.
  • An often forgotten operation, remember to moisturize your skin. A hydration which also passes by its liter of water to drink daily.
  • Healthy skin also requires a balanced lifestyle. More sleep, less stress, less junk food (French fries, sodas, sugar) and alcohol.
  • As an ideal complement to moisturizing treatments, a light exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. To eliminate worn skin and purify the skin of the face.
  • Make an appointment with a dermatologist if the situation worsens. This is especially true in cases of severe adult acne.
    The sun? In moderation

This subject was covered in a previous column, but it’s worth mentioning again, with this summer weather. The temptation is great to bask in the sun, to get that tanned complexion that makes you look good. But beware, the sun is a false friend. After a lull which will give you a more beautiful skin, the exposure can give place then to a higher production of sebum. And therefore the risk of acne or blackheads. For your vacation, cosmetics with a high protection factor (30 or even 50) are therefore essential.

Well-chosen cosmetics

The choice of your beauty products will also be an important factor in reducing skin shine. It is preferable to choose products that are not too greasy, as this can accentuate the effects of excess sebum. Also, avoid products that are too opaque, that do not allow the skin to breathe, and those that contain alcohol. On the other hand, products made of salicylic acid are welcome, for their anti-inflammatory properties. Note that many products also offer a matifying effect.

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