How to attract a girl without effort?

Some people go out of their way to seduce while others manage to attract a girl effortlessly. The most disturbing thing is that women tend to go for men who don’t make an effort to win them over. If you too are playing a role to dazzle, in vain, the female gender, it is high time to opt for another method! In this article, we take stock of why and how to please while remaining 100% natural.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Why stay natural to seduce?

Natural men look more real

When we try to please someone, we generally lack spontaneity. We try, by all means, to correspond to the acceptance criteria of the person in question. Thus, we come to put aside our true personality to the profile of a mask that has nothing authentic. This lack of sincerity in the approach is generally quickly perceived by women. Let’s remember that women tend to function through intuition and emotions.

Girls are therefore particularly looking for true relationships, in friendship as in love! When a man seems to lack transparency towards them, they prefer to flee. Let’s also remember that women are generally coveted on a daily basis. They must regularly face various techniques of flirting more or less heavy.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily pleasant to be subjected to constant advances. When the situation is neither chosen nor shared, it can even be quickly perceived as an aggression. Even if your intentions are good, by trying to seduce by all means, you can quickly enter the category of “relous”. So it’s best not to be the 25th on the list all day at only noon, right? By being totally yourself, you don’t look like you’re looking for something, so you definitely stand out!

Follow me I follow you, run away from me I follow you

The famous saying is true. Sociological and psychological studies show that human beings tend to be attracted by what they perceive as inaccessible, or at least, difficult to obtain. This theory is also true with objects. The rarer an object is, the more valuable it becomes. The more expensive an object is, the more people want it.

So when you value a woman too much, she takes you for granted, and is not particularly interested in considering a relationship with you. The challenge is at the heart of the game of seduction! To please, it is necessary to keep a part of mystery and doubts. You must not let the person you are talking to believe that he has already won. On the contrary, you must make them want to win you over!

Tips to please without lifting a finger
Be beautiful

We will not lie to ourselves, appearance is a major criterion in terms of seduction. A handsome man is much more likely to attract a girl without effort than a man with an unattractive physique. If you are one of the people spoiled by nature, you are lucky, so don’t hesitate to play with it! If, on the other hand, you think that aesthetics is not your main asset, don’t panic, nothing is lost. In fact, you may still have charm. Charm can also have an effect, and not just a little! Some even say that it is more valuable than beauty, because it is unique and does not diminish with age.

Even with an atypical physique, it is therefore possible to seduce without talking. To do this, you just have to exploit your little extra something! If, despite all your efforts, you don’t find yourself charming or beautiful, remember that all this is subjective. Indeed, each person has his own definition of beauty. Not pleasing one person does not necessarily mean not pleasing another. There is something for everyone, and fortunately! Of course, most people are influenced by the aesthetic criteria conveyed by society. However, you will always find at least one person for whom your defects are qualities.

Having passions

Men who have very specific interests are more attractive to women. Not all women, of course, but those who share their passions! Whether it’s sports, music, travel, video games or even cooking, these activities are ideal for attracting a girl without doing anything. In fact, it has been shown that having common preferences attracts attention and creates a bond. Also, doing something regularly is a natural way to meet new people.

For example, it is quite likely that you will meet women by going to the gym, signing up for group cooking classes or playing online with real-life partners! We live in an even more interconnected world today. Thanks to social networks, it is possible to put forward your preferences more easily than before, and to find those who share them.

Benefit from a good reputation

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Whether at work or at a party, having a good reputation will make you the man to win over! It is true that when a person is put forward by others in a positive way, seducing them becomes a form of challenge. At the same time, there is what is known as the “domino effect”, which means that the more women who want you, the more other women will want to do the same.

Just go back a few years and remember how popular high school boys were with girls. To take this to the extreme, consider also how celebrities attract women, even if they are sometimes not very good looking or very smart. You will have understood that the greatness of the status of an individual within a group is worth all the qualities of the world in terms of seduction!

Earning a lot of money

Rich men know perfectly well how to attract a girl without effort. Let’s not lie, some women are looking for financial security in a man. Of course, not all women are venal! However, you will always find girls for whom the material aspect prevails over the sentimental aspect. Whatever your opinion on the matter, it is a fact that is verified every day.

Having a lot of money gives you the opportunity to not have to seduce women, but to be seduced by women! Comfortable situation, isn’t it? Be careful though, although it’s nice to see a lot of girls hanging around you, it’s probably not so nice to know that they are more interested in your wallet than in you. It may be better to surround yourself with genuine people who love you for who you are; they may be fewer in number, but they have a lot more to offer you.

Have confidence in yourself

The last ultimate way to attract a girl without doing anything: self-confidence! When you don’t believe in your abilities, whether physical or mental, you tend to constantly try to get validation from others to make yourself feel better. By pandering to the demands of others all the time, you come to lose, or at least mask, the qualities that make you a unique and interesting person.

Similarly, lack of self-confidence often means lack of spontaneity in social relationships. Voice trembling, clammy hands, shifty eyes or hunched shoulders, non-verbal language betrays you all the time! Undeniably, women are generally more attracted to men who are confident.

They will be more easily seduced if they come to admire you, rather than protect you. Even outside the circle of seduction, people go more easily to others when they are comfortable, dare to put themselves forward and distinguish themselves from the group! Thus, it is essential to work on your self-confidence. If the road is sometimes long, the reward is worth it!


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