8 Secret Qualities Men Look For In Women

I know what you’re thinking. Men are all the same! They’re looking for a woman with perfect looks, who doesn’t give away too much of her opinion and who does her best to put her partner first. But that’s not true. In fact, men are just like women: they’re looking for someone they can be themselves with. Someone who makes them believe in love. Are you that person?

A man doesn’t need a woman who looks like a model and is always dressed up. He doesn’t care if you’re perfect or not. What matters to him is your gentleness and sensitivity. He wants a down-to-earth partner who understands his needs and doesn’t hesitate to share hers. And right from the first date, a man will be looking for very specific characteristics in his suitor. In fact, he’ll immediately want to know if you have the potential to become the woman of his life. Here are the 8 secret qualities a man looks for in his ideal mate:


1. Honesty

If he can’t trust you, how can you expect to become the woman in his life? To build trust, you need to be honest with each other.
Sincerity, even when it hurts, even when it’s difficult, is extremely important. To prevent simple text messages exchanged with an old friend giving rise to arguments, show him that you’re a woman who keeps her promises.Someone who is completely transparent and not afraid to admit her mistakes or shortcomings. Honesty is a great quality in the eyes of men.

2. Supportive

The most common cliché about men is that they feel the need to be strong, virile and protective. In short, that they need to be alphas who carry their families and couples on their backs. But even the most virile men need support from time to time. They need a soft, pleasant cocoon in which to rest and relax. A man is looking for a woman who will support him in difficult times, help him make important decisions and be his number 1 fan!

3. Independence

Nobody… Well, nobody likes babysitting their partner. There’s nothing sexy about emotional or material dependence. A man isn’t going to like the fact that he has to send a reassuring message to his girlfriend every 5 minutes. Nor will he like the idea of having to protect her from everything and lead her by the hand through life’s obstacles. In a couple, each partner needs (and is entitled to) his or her own independence and personal space. And a man simply wants a woman who has her own passions, friends and personal habits, so he can concentrate on his own from time to time.

4. Intelligence

After a certain age, men aren’t just looking for an attractive physique. You’re a bimbo, great for you. But not for mature men. What men want in a girlfriend is a woman who can be their equal. Someone who’s smart, funny and savvy. For them, having interesting, deep conversations is very important. No need for impressive studies, all a partner wants from his girlfriend is that she’s interested in what’s going on around her.

5. Self-confidence

A woman who feels good about herself is super sexy. Self-confidence is a very attractive trait because it proves that your mental health is good. If a woman constantly needs to be reassured by her man, it becomes off-putting after a while. “Do I look good in this dress?” or “Am I smart enough?” are phrases that men hate. So you have to accept and love the person you are. Then you need to be proud of yourself and live your life the way you deserve to.

6. Immaterialism

Yes, he wants to be your knight in shining armor. And yes, he wants to treat you like the princess you are… But that doesn’t give you the right to act like one.

Allow him the luxury of romantic dinners and surprise gifts without pestering him to give them to you. He’ll be relieved not to have to make so much effort and, surprisingly, it’ll encourage him to rise to the occasion.

After all, men don’t like materialistic women who use people to get what they want. And when they see a woman asking for nothing, they offer them everything!

7. Spiritualism

Relax. When you come home after a long, hard day at work and see the dishes piling up in the sink, I know you want to take it out on him.

But try taking a deep breath and letting it go. No man likes criticism. On the other hand, they do like women who know how to relax and not get worked up over the smallest detail.

Of course, you can’t always relax. If your partner is really exaggerating, you need to react. But don’t yell at her, all the time.

8. Good humor

Men like girls who laugh at their jokes, who aren’t insensitive and who aren’t too serious. Sarcasm, laughing at yourself and making light of things are important qualities for men.

In fact, repartee is the ultimate aphrodisiac. After all, who wants to be bored in a relationship?

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