7 Signs You Have Found the Partner That’s Right for YOU

A love at first sight, a meeting on the internet or unexpectedly in a café … We can meet beautiful people when we least expect it and finally find the life partner we have been waiting for for so many years. Whether it’s a friendly relationship that leads to complicity and attraction or a romantic encounter, there are signs that a stable and lasting relationship is on the horizon. Here are the 7 signs that you have found the right person and that you are about to have a harmonious relationship.

Many people hope to build a strong relationship and find their soul mate as soon as possible. They multiply the new meetings and try to find the rare pearl. But in the search for love, some people quickly realize that it is difficult to find the ideal partner in real life. To get to know themselves better and find a life partner that suits them, they opt for a personality test, constantly read their horoscope or take a love compatibility test to recognize their soul mate when he or she comes along. By the way, according to Psychology Today, soul mates do exist but not in the way we think of them.

In this article, we reveal the 7 signs that you have found the right person.

The signs that prove he is the right person


1. You are happy when you are with this person

When you are with this person, you are always in a good state of mind. You share an affinity and attachment that makes you want to believe in love and give yourself to this person. With this person, you feel like you are discovering love in a new light and ending up in a sincere and lasting relationship. The connection between the two beings is easy and it is possible to be relaxed and vulnerable in front of each other.

2. You feel a strong attraction

Besides the seduction game you experience on the first date, you continue to feel a strong attraction for your crush. You have never met a person with whom you feel such a strong chemistry. In addition, you are no longer interested in meeting new people and you are already thinking about building a lasting relationship with your soul mate. Especially since you are sure that your other half is with you for the long term, as dating expert Tracey Steinberg explains.

3. You’re on the same page

Whether you’re shy or confident, you feel fully comfortable in his or her company. While everyone tries hard to hide their flaws and bring out their best qualities at the beginning of a relationship, you know that your personality is what he expects. Sharing life together doesn’t mean always having the same views, but having similar goals and ambitions.

4. You feel you are in a healthy relationship

When you are with this person, you manage to remain sincere and authentic. You are aware that playing a role for the sake of love cannot lead to a strong relationship. In this sense, you do not hide your jealousy, your shyness, your awkwardness or your sensitivity. Both partners trust each other and feel perfectly comfortable with each other, as dating expert Tracey Steinberg states.

5. You enjoy her smell and cuddles

When you meet your true love, you soon realize that you love his or her body odor. Their presence reassures you and the simple act of smelling their natural scent makes you feel good and soothed. Meeting love brings new and sometimes confusing sensations. If his cuddles make you feel full and strong, you may have found the love you’ve been waiting for. The physical chemistry is palpable; just touching your partner’s hand is enough to make you feel swirled, even after years of being together, says Carmen Harra, a clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

6. You often think you and this person have plans together

It’s rare to meet someone with whom you build common plans. If you often think about your crush and want to build a stable relationship, make your plans a reality and take the relationship to the next level, you’re probably with your ideal partner.

7. Your instinct tells you that this is the right person

Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts to know if you’re in the right relationship that will make you better. If you’re one of the more intuitive people and your instincts tell you to invest in your love life with this person, trust yourself. Don’t be afraid of what the future holds and take full advantage of this beautiful love story that is offered to you.


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