5 Tips to avoid ingrown hairs

Small red spots and ugly hairs stuck under the skin: unfortunate result due to the passage of the razor or the epilator… So how can you have smooth skin without ingrown hairs when you wax?

Most often appearing in constellations on the bikini line after waxing, ingrown hairs can also emerge on the legs, thighs, armpits… to spoil our lives. And once they’re there, well installed, you have to pull out the big guns to dislodge them.

So, before we get to that point, there are a few techniques to limit and avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs as much as possible:

1/ Always exfoliate well

Before using your razor or epilator, it is important to do a deep exfoliation to eliminate the dead skin covering the epidermis and expose the hair. Ideally, this exfoliation should be done the day before, so that the skin is not too aggressed. Then, don’t hesitate to repeat the post-waxing scrub once or twice a week, to prevent the hair from curling up under the skin and creating those unsightly little cysts.

2/ Softening the skin

Of course, dry shaving is totally forbidden! But what is less well known is that it is very important to soften the skin of the area to be depilated as much as possible to make shaving or depilation more effective and pleasant. The ideal solution is to take a warm, relaxing bath, where the skin will soften.

3/ Moisturize the area

It is essential to apply a cream after waxing to avoid irritation from the razor, wax or epilator, and to prevent hair from becoming ingrown. Keep in mind that daily moisturizing is necessary to maintain the epidermis at its maximum.

4/ Do not pull out ingrown hairs

If you have ingrown hairs, you should never scratch or rub your skin, as this can result in small lesions or more intense marks. The best thing to do is to apply a specific lotion containing chemical exfoliating agents. Leave it on for the time indicated to free the hair from the skin. Then proceed to epilate with a razor or electric epilator.

5/ Soothe sensitive areas

If your skin feels tight or red after waxing, it is important to soothe it with an aloe vera or chamomile-based treatment. You should also use gentle, very fine-grained scrubs, and apply them to damp or wet skin.


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