5 Signs that your clothes don’t fit

Thin, round, small, tall, athletic… All women are concerned about choosing the right size for clothes and shoes. And even if you’re a size 40/42, the most common size in stores, it’s not always easy to find the pieces that really fit you because every body is different.

Techafters helps you to determine if your clothes really fit you thanks to 5 criteria to take into account!
With the arrival of the big retail stores and more recently with the arrival of online stores, finding a garment that fits perfectly is a challenge. Since we are far from the time of the made-to-measure piece, today we have to submit to the hard rule of size.
However, whether we are 36, 42 or 48, it does not mean that all the pieces that are supposed to correspond to our size will fit us perfectly. Shoulder size, chest size, hip size, leg length… So many criteria to take into account and so few clothes that really fit our morphology!

1. Pay attention to the position of the seams

When you try on a top or a dress, the clue to watch is the position of the seam at the shoulder. If it fits perfectly on your shoulder, you are on the right track. Too low on the arm: the piece is too big. If it’s a little too high on the neck, you’ll have trouble moving properly.

2. The beak under the arms

36, 38, 40… The sizes on the labels are only indicative and often vary from one brand to another. For example, the Spanish brand Zara tends to cut “smaller” than the Swedish giant H&M .
Before you buy that bohemian dress, try it on and make sure you don’t have that unsightly beak under your arms that indicates the garment is too big. Because even with a belt that you tighten at the waist, the beak won’t disappear!

3. The strangulated waist

In terms of pants, jeans and skirts there are several criteria that come into play to check if they really fit:

  • For a high-waisted piece, you need to be able to eat and move without having to undo a button in the middle of the day. Harder to find than low-rise, consider that waist size is less important than hip size. You may be a size 10 with a low rise but a size 10 with a high rise!
  • For a low-rise piece, base yourself on two scary images proscribed by the fashion police: pants that are too tight and make your love handles pop out when you sit down, and pants that are too big with visible underwear like Jeremy Chatelain in 2005 on Star Academy.4. Finding the right shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes seems to be an easy task if you think that knowing your size is enough. However, with one foot bigger or smaller than the other, a morphology specific to each individual and sizes governed by brands and models, the challenge turns out to be much more complicated than it seems! To choose the right pair, whatever your size, we look at :

  • If the toes all have room to move comfortably
  • If you don’t touch the tip of the shoe too much
  • If the foot doesn’t stick out when you walk (blisters)
  • If the ears are not visible when wearing heels or flats
  • If the ankle is well maintained when walking
    Finally, don’t forget that in stores we tend to exaggerate our comfort if we really like a piece. Imagine yourself perched with your foot arched and the weight of your body on the sole before buying those vertiginous pumps!

Do not hesitate to take a size above to be comfortable in your pair of heels … without it being too big and the ankle is not maintained, which is essential.

5. The right underwear

As important as your clothes, the bra helps sculpt your figure. If it fits you, it gives you a firm, high and graceful bust. To choose it, first check that you are comfortable. Neither too loose nor too tight, the perfect bra does not cut into your shoulders or back. Your breasts do not spill out of the cup or fall down.

Finally, did you know that the bottom is as important as the top? Panties that are too tight show under your clothes and can be dangerous for your health (beware of the risk of urinary tract infections and fungus). Too loose, it will be unpleasant to wear!

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