3 Tips for beautiful feet before summer

The beauty of feet starts with the right shoes… But it is also important to know how to treat them well to avoid the appearance of blisters, cracks or calluses.

Taking care of your feet helps preserve your ability to walk and feel good about your shoes. What care should you take to keep your feet looking good?

1. Clean your feet every day

Sweating can lead to maceration, which increases the risk of skin fungus. How can you avoid this? The simple fact of washing your feet every day helps to avoid these multiple problems. In fact, it is recommended to clean your feet with medium warm water at 37° and to use a mild soap to avoid irritating them. To avoid cracked and dry skin, remember to moisturize your feet!

2. Wear the right shoes

The choice of shoes is an important element for foot support. Why? Shoes that are too narrow cause irritation and pressure on the foot. However, shoes that are too wide will encourage deformation of the foot. In addition, certain materials are not recommended by podiatrists, such as plastic. These elements help support the foot and cause excessive perspiration. Finally, we focus on the soles! They must be thick enough to support the arch of the foot. Also think about non-slip soles.

3. Cut your nails

We always think that cutting our nails is a question of beauty, but it’s really a question of comfort! To cut your nails properly, it’s best to do it after you’ve washed them so that your nails are more flexible. Then, with scissors, trim your nails straight. It is important not to cut them in half circles to avoid the appearance of ingrown toenails.

Beautiful feet before summer

By applying these tips, your feet will look great again before putting on sandals and other summer shoes. In addition, these tips will allow you to continue exercising without suffering, as well as prevent thickening of the skin on your feet, which can lead to calluses, corns and calluses. They also help prevent infections such as nail fungus.

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