12 Things men can’t stand about women

Sometimes you do these little things that have a way of horrifying him. Those little everyday niggles, or some of your habits. What if you let go from time to time (yes, you!)? Because men and women don’t come from the same planet, and because sometimes we push the envelope a little too far, Maurice, we’ll give you the little unpleasant voice in your head, the one that gently tells you: stop, you’re abusing it.

1. When you steal his fries

Yes, because as you are “supposed” to be on a diet for 6 months, you don’t assume your desire for fat at all. So you wait quietly until Doudou orders to innocently steal his food, because it makes you feel less guilty. Every time you do this with your miserable salad, you frustrate him: leave him his fries… And stop your diet!

2. When you are jealous

“Where have you been?” “Why haven’t you answered my messages?” “Who is she?”. When you go into gestapo mode you can be really unbearable. The worst thing is that, on top of that, you get carried away because he doesn’t understand the reason for these sudden jealousy attacks… And then you’d like him to be a little jealous from time to time, just to make sure he’s crazy about you (feminine ambiguity hello!). Frankly, if you don’t trust him, walk away. Otherwise, leave the poor guy alone.

3. When you repeat the same reproach for 3 years

The birthday he missed on this August 14, 2015 is a bit of a lethal weapon for you. Multi-purpose, it is ultra practical because you can use it in all circumstances: “Can we invite my parents for dinner? – Oh no, that reminds me too much of my birthday” or “Can you give me this little dress? That’ll make up for my birthday two years ago.” Anyway, it’s really great, but be careful not to overuse your little toy, the backlash could really hurt.

4. When you have something on your mind and you can’t let go

AND YOU LET HIM SUFFER. Yes, because he’s going to rack his brains to death to find out WHAT HE DID WRONG. And you, cruel, let him stew without scruples: “What’s the matter. – Nothing.” “Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine.” “But are you sure? – Forget it.” Poor guy is on the verge of suicide, satisfied?

5. When you use social media to manipulate him

Or your cell phone. Another of your favorite ways to give him a hard time. Don’t you see what we’re talking about? Yes, I do! When you’re angry, you act like a diva and go to bed, slamming the door, and three seconds later he sees you talking about your life on social networks – even worse, you pull out a three euro quote you found on 1001-quotes to express your despair. It’s ugly.

6. When you do the breakup thing every four mornings

AND YOU LET HIM SUFFER – definitely. Just to teach him a lesson, you pull the breakup stunt and grind his heart out with a machete because he didn’t clean the coffee machine. Really? Be careful not to dull your blade over small matters and end up like the child who cried wolf…

7. When you invade his privacy

By this we mean in the broadest sense of the word the shoe cupboard as well as his cell phone or even his evenings with friends. If you need to find your friends, you can imagine that the same goes for you, right? So, even if you think that Arnaud is a pig who makes everything dirty, that Nico will inevitably make him smoke a cigarette, or that Leo will tell him that being in a couple is old-fashioned, you stop believing you are indispensable and leave him alone.

8. When you monopolize the bathroom

In your great magnanimity, you’ve already conceded him 1/4 of the last shelf on the top of the stairs, he’ll just have to brush his teeth while you straighten your hair! While it takes you more than an hour to get ready, the poor guy has to scrub himself from top to bottom and make himself all pretty in 15 minutes top-chrono. It’s normal for the boy to get upset. And on top of that, you dare to be indignant when he asks you “Are you almost done? Beware, the revolt is not so far.

9. When he has to guess or choose for you

And that it will never work! The moment of the restaurant remains the apotheosis: “What do you want? Whatever you like.” “We could make a Mexican ? – Oh no, too fatty.” “Well then a Japanese ? – Well, not really.” “An italian ? – Well, no, we already did that last week.” At the point where you agree – or rather, where something pleases you – you might as well say right away that he won’t be hungry anymore. Let’s be clear too, he doesn’t understand you waiting for him to do something without even asking him. Not everyone has the gift of telepathy.

10. When you criticize anything and everything

God knows why, you’re in a bad mood, you criticize, you criticize, you criticize. We have to admit that, most of the time, men are much less bad-mouthed than their female counterparts, and have their own way of dealing with problems. So we reserve ourselves with our girlfriends the criticism and gossip session where we open our chakras and pour out all our hatred of the world and our frustrations, because he doesn’t understand our delirium, and he doesn’t care.

11. When you say the famous “see, I told you so!”

Unfortunate, it reminds him of his mother! Even if you’re right, don’t wait for him to admit it, the ungrateful villain. Instead, keep that reproach in your pocket for later…

12. When you say “all the same!”

Isn’t that a bit of a cliché?

No one is perfect and Mr. has little things that annoy you too. But the most important thing is to love each other, right?

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