10 signs that you have found your soul mate

Ah, love… It is difficult to judge if the person with whom we share our daily life is really our soul mate. However, to know if our companion is inscribed in our destiny, there are a few signs to ensure this prediction. Here are ten criteria for you that indicate that you may be living a relationship with your soul mate!

1- Intuition

Meditate and look inside your soul. It’s hard to put your finger on the feelings and questions related to your partner, yet that’s what it’s all about. Analyze the signs that are presented to you and instinctively you will be able to judge if the person who is sharing your life right now is your soul mate.

2- Memories

If this is your soul mate, it is highly possible that some memories may arise from your past lives. You may experience or have seen flashbacks of your partner. A sense of déjà vu can sometimes overwhelm you, leading to a sense of confusion. Soul mates often choose to return to the same time and space to find themselves as a matter of course.

3- Understanding

If you are soul mates, mutual understanding must result from your union. Finishing each other’s sentences, understanding each other with one look, these are signs that prove that your union is heavenly! This kind of complicity can lead you to question yourself, it is one of the bases for a healthy and deep relationship.

4- Imperfections

In spite of what is wrong, that is also what love is all about. Even between soul mates, we accept the person for exactly what he or she is. Overcoming the shortcomings of one’s companion is a sign of a strong bond that unites you.

Sometimes you find a certain charm in the other person’s imperfections. Yes, yes!

5- The freedom to be yourself

When you are facing your soul mate, there is no need to wear a mask. Your complicity is such that the conversation comes easily and better, you accept moments of silence. This is what an intense relationship is all about.

6- The connection

It’s a strange feeling, but when you see him/her, you feel like you’re guessing his/her thoughts. You feel an inner peace when you see him/her, and sometimes you may even have had similar difficulties and experiences. In front of you, there is like a clone with the same questions, doubts and fun.

7- Unity

With her/him, you feel complete. You don’t need the approval of others, it’s you against the world. Unity is a major criterion in this type of relationship and together you feel that you have the world at your feet. This magical union makes you feel that as long as your soul mate is at your side, nothing can happen to you.

8- Empathy

You are connected by intense empathy. To the point of feeling your partner’s physical pain sometimes. This union is so strong that you can tell if his day was good just by reading his face.

9- The differences

Do you know the adage “opposites attract”? Sometimes soul mates are very different. But what makes them different from a simple couple is that they respect their different points of view on a subject or a way of doing things. There is great respect between the two people despite their different personalities.

10- Complementarity

Whenever the partner defaults, the other finds the right parry to counterbalance. The two soul mates fill each other’s gaps to create one strong entity. Thus, someone who is looking for a partner to fill their flaws, and if they are lucky enough, may fall on their half!

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