10 Ways You Know You’ve Found the Right Person to Love

You’re probably wondering whether your relationship with him is going to last and whether the two of you are going to share this love until your last breath.

The questions on your mind are: does he feel the same way I do? Would he only be there for something else? Can I trust him and will he be there when I need his affection more? In this guide, you’ll discover the proof of what true love is, and you’ll know how to distinguish between a dream story and an illusion.


1 – Appearances don’t matter to him

To him, you’re the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him, and your beauty is incomparable. That’s why he won’t ask you to change anything about yourself, especially your physical appearance. He knows you and your habits are no longer a secret to him. In your relationship, hypocrisy is a notion he ignores. Without asking questions or imposing his own law, he agrees to do a few small tasks for you, and he has no problem with this. Without worrying about a thing, in front of him, you’re who you want to be, and he doesn’t mind.

2 – You find happiness in being by his side
In the future, he’s the man in your life and his presence means a lot to you. Just imagining that you’ll be living together for ages doesn’t frighten you; on the contrary, it motivates you to move forward and encourages you to invest even more in your relationship. Being close to him is something you’ve always dreamed of, and you’re ready to fight for it. You’ve had a promotion at work, something has made you happy or unhappy, he’s the first person you want to talk to about it. Quite simply, he’s your soul mate.

3 – You have the same point of view on the definition of love
Between romantic dinners in restaurants, picnics, hikes in the mountains or little strolls through parks and zoos, you both enjoy these moments. Personally, he wants these moments to be repeated over and over again, and every time he thinks about them, you see a glimmer in him that says he appreciates these minutes spent with you. He doesn’t mind telling you how sincere his feelings for you are, and he expresses them with complete honesty. In turn, he also trusts you and wants to build a very open relationship.

4 – The two of you handle arguments very well
There’s a Malagasy saying that goes: “You don’t love each other until you fight”. It’s no longer a secret that, at certain times, arguments and minor differences will arise in a couple’s relationship. The question that should be asked is: how do you deal with these situations? With each argument, one or the other of you looks for common ground, because disagreeing hurts you and you blame yourself for arguing. Without dwelling on it too much, the moment of reconciliation comes next.

5 – He’s willing to make sacrifices for you
Far be it from me to suggest that you or he are prepared to sacrifice everything for the other person, without moderation. What’s essential and best is that he listens to you and gives you the things you want to do or achieve. He won’t stand in the way of your project and will make every effort to support and help you. In the eyes of his friends and family, he sees you as a fighter, smart and persevering. He’ll be eager to tell his friends and family about your success.

6 – Far be it from him to change you
As far as he’s concerned, you’re just as God made you, if you can put it that way. He has no intention of changing anything about you, because he appreciates you for your faults and your qualities. He’s proud of who you are, and he’s not ashamed of what you do. He knows everything about you and your personality is no secret to him. That’s why he chose you, and he’s not thinking of giving it up.

7 – You feel a mutual desire to be together
He wants to be with you for no other reason than that you too marvel at being in his company. The two of you develop a desire to be together. Side by side, under a beautiful moon or in the cold snow, for example, only one thing remains: you’re together, and nothing and no one can stop that. Your favorite song tells the story of two people walking a path together, the road to love.

8 – In the worst of times, your refuge is close by

After a hard day, when life hasn’t been kind to you, all that’s important is to be with him. For his part, he welcomes you with open arms, comforts you and encourages you to move forward. In the most difficult moments, some people prefer to remain alone and think in their corner. Unlike you, talking to him and listening to his advice is the energy that will get you going again. He’ll guide you in your choice or next decisions. You trust him, because that’s the foundation of your love.

9 – You’ve faced difficulties together
Difficult situations are a common occurrence in life. In moments of pain such as the loss of a family member or close friend, he was there to support you and wipe away your tears. You felt that without him, you would have collapsed. You weren’t ashamed to cry in front of him. His presence and tender comforts got you through some tough times.

10 – You believe in your happy ending
What’s most important to you is that in the near future, you’ll be living together and sharing the same happiness. If a shooting star passes under your eyes, even several times, your only wish will be to say a big “yes” to your man at the altar. You believe in fairy tales, and that at the end of your book it says “… and they lived happily ever after”.

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